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Jeordie White

Jeordie White was born June 20th, 1971 in New Jersey and at some point in his childhood he moved to Florida. At 15 he became a member of Ft. Lauderdale's The Ethiopians, a speed metal cover band which broke up by his senior year of high school. He then played in Amboog-A-Lard from 1989-1994, starting out on guitar and later moving on to bass. He met Brian Warner (later known as Marilyn Manson) while working at a used record store. The two became friends and Jeordie eventually left Amboog-A-Lard to become the bassist for Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, as they were then known. He adopted the stage name "Twiggy Ramirez" and became a key member of the band, shaping both the band's music and their image. In 2002, he amicably split from the band, eager to explore new creative avenues. Around this time he performed two live shows with Mondo Generator, performed on The Desert Sessions 9 & 10, and auditioned for both Queens of the Stone Age and Metallica. In 2003, he joined A Perfect Circle just in time to wrap up recording and play bass on "Thirteenth Step." After their world tour ended in 2004, the band went on hiatus and Jeordie contributed to Melissa Auf Der Maur's self-title solo debut. In 2005 he joined Nine Inch Nails for their "With Teeth" tour and again in 2007 for "Year Zero." 2005 saw the debut of Goon Moon with the release of "I Got a Brand New Egg-Layin' Machine" and in May 2007 the full-length "Licker's Last Leg" was released. In January of 2008, it was announced that Jeordie would be joining Manson for his "Rape the World" tour and that the two have plans of recording together in the near future. Fans of Goon Moon have been assured that the project is still alive and well and look forward to more Goon Moon in 2008.

Chris Goss

Often called the Godfather of desert rock, Chris Goss is the founding member of the highly influential Masters of Reality. He is also a prolific producer and has served as a guest musician for a myriad of artists. It was announced in early 2008 that Masters of Reality is back in studio working on their follow-up album to 2004's "Give Us Barabbas." His credits include:

Masters of Reality "The Blue Garden"

Masters of Reality "Self-Titled"
performed on Reverend's "World Won't Miss You"

performed on Keyatta's self-titled album

co-produced Kyuss' "Blues for the Red Sun"
co-produced Kik Tracee's "Field Trip" EP

Masters of Reality "Sunrise on the Sufferbus"

co-produced Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley"
co-produced I Love You's "All of Us"
produced, arranged and performed "Climb Into My Belly Button World" for the television series "Ren and Stimpy"

co-produced Kyuss' "...And the Circus Leaves Town"
mixed and produced two tracks on 30 Odd Foot of Gunts' "The Photograph Kills"
produced The Magnificent Bastards' track "How Do You Sleep" on "Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon"
co-produced and mixed the Magnificent Bastards' track "Mockingbird Girl" on the "Tank Girl" soundtrack

performed on Screaming Trees' "Dust"
co produced Slow Burn's "Amusing the Amazing"
co-produced Soulwax's "Leave the Story Untold"
performed on Stone Temple Pilot's "Tiny Music"
mixed and performed on Kate Gibson's "Weary Remedy"

Masters of Reality "How High the Moon: Live at the Viper Room"
mixed and mastered 30 Odd Foot of Gunts "What's Her Name"
co-produced three tracks on "The Gamma Ray Sessions" by Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age

performed on Queens of Stone Age's self-titled album
produced The Flys' "Holiday Man"
appeared on Scott Weiland's "12 Bar Blues"

Masters of Reality "Welcome to the Western Lodge" European Release
co-produced four tracks of Unida's "The Best of Wayne Gro"
co-produced Fatso Jetson's "Toasted"

co-produced and performed on Ian Astbury's "Spirit/Light/Speed"
co-produced and performed on Queens of the Stone Age's "Rated R"
performed on Mondo Generator's "Cocaine Rodeo"
produced The Flys' "Outta My Way"
co-mixed Abby Travis' "Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop"
produced Queens of the Stone Age's "Infinity" for the "Heavy Metal 2000" soundtrack

Masters of Reality "Welcome to the Western Lodge" American Release
Masters of Reality "Deep in the Hole"
performed on Mark Lanegan's "Field Songs"

Masters of Reality "Flak 'n' Flight"
appeared on Queens of the Stone Age's "Songs for the Deaf"

co-produced Nebula's "Atomic Ritual"
performed on Desert Sessions 9 & 10
performed on Mark Lanegan's "Here Comes That Weird Chill"
performed on and produced part of Roxy Saint's "The Underground Personality DVD"
performed on Campfire Girl's "Outta My Way"

Master of Reality "Give Us Barabbas"
co-produced Melissa Auf Der Maur's self titled solo album
co-produced Mark Lanegan's "Bubblegum"
arranged four songs of Lowfive's "Emergency Disaster Kit"
co-produced WE's "Smugglers"
produced and mixed The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster's "The Royal Society"
produced and arranged the remix of "Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face)" on UNKLE's Never Never Land

Goon Moon "I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine"
appeared on HULK's "Coyboy Coffee and Burned Knives"
appeared on Queens of the Stone Age's "Lullabies to Paralyze"
appeared on Yellow #5's "Demon Crossing"

appeard on Eagles of Death Metal's "Death By Sexy"
co-produced and appeared on WE & Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band's "Sky is the Limit"

Goon Moon "Licker's Last Leg"
produced and performed on UNKLE's "War Stories"
co-produced and performed on Queens of the Stone Age's "Era Vulgaris"
co-produced Duke Spirit's "Ex-Voto-EP"