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"I Got A Brand New Egg-Layin' Machine"
Suicide Squeeze Records

Track Listing:
The Weird Wood Shed
Mud Puppies
Inner Child Abuse
The Smoking Man Returns
At The Kit Kat Klub
Rock Weird (Weird Rock)
I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine
No Umbrellas

Released June 7, 2005
Produced by Goon Moon (Zach Hill, Jeordie White (as Twiggy Ramirez), Chris Goss)
Special Guests: Dimitri, David Catching, Whitey Kirst, Scooter Pie, Jonesy The Skin Popper, Frater I.A., Peppy Sevenson, Thin Crust
Recorded by James Book, Jarred at Regime, Tony Mason
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI
Cover Design by Jesse LeDoux, Jeff Kleinsmith
Recorded at Rancho De La Luna
Available for purchase at Suicide Squeeze Records

"Licker's Last Leg"
Ipecac Records

Track Listing:
Apple Pie
My Machine
An Autumn That Came Too Soon
Feel Like This
Pin Eyed Boy
Hardcore Q3
Tip Toe
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (Bee Gees cover)
Lay Down
The Golden Ball
a. the bees to your knees
b. Birmingham
c. sadie
d. hanging with mike
e. quipy quipy quaw quaw
f. mr. frankie
g. dramatic paws
h. the licker's last leg
Built In A Bottle

Released May 8, 2007
Recorded by James Book
Mixed and Recorded by Edmund Monsef
Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
Additional Players: Zach Hill, David Henderson, Josh Freese, Josh Homme, David Catching, Peter Perdichizzi, Whitey Kirst
Cover Design by Mackie Osborne/Goon Moon Available for purcase at

Non-Album Tracks

Sleep With A Gun
This Song Don't Belong
I Know Where You Live (AKA Delete)
Colour (no vocals)
Machine Demo

All tracks available for purchase at Goon Moon's Myspace.